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Conducting a Web Tutorial

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If possible, arrange to a conduct a class session in a computer lab or bring a laptop and projector into class (available from the Office of Instructional Services at (970) 491-5466). Before class, prepare a list of links to good, average, and poor Web sources. Ask students to evaluate pre-selected websites in class, focusing on their appropriateness as research sources. When students have completed their evaluations individually or in groups, lead a discussion highlighting various indicators of a Web source's reliability, such as: connection to a reputable print source or affiliation, the site's citation of other sources, links to other reliable sites, and endorsements by professional organizations or Web monitoring groups.

As an alternative to designing your own tutorial, consider scheduling a Web evaluation session through CSU Libraries. To arrange a customized instructional session at Morgan Library, submit a Library Instruction Request Form at least two weeks in advance of your anticipated class date. (Links on this page will take you to other CSU sites.)

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