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An early introduction to interlibrary loan programs will allow students to take advantage of these programs in the preliminary stages of research, when they can experience the greatest benefit. Although CSU Libraries has two excellent programs allowing users to request books from collections located throughout the state and nation, students who wait until a few days before a draft is due to gather information will not benefit from interlibrary loan.

CSU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan program, known as Zap, delivers books to users in about two weeks. In addition, full-text articles and chapters of books not owned by the Libraries can be sent to users electronically. For a guide to Zap, see the Zap Tutorial, or visit the Zap Request Page to request materials. (These links will take you to another CSU site.)

To borrow books from other libraries in Colorado and Wyoming, CSU students can use the Prospector catalog. Prospector provides access to more than 13 million books, journals, sound recordings, films, videotapes, and other materials held in member libraries. Because Prospector libraries are geographically close and a reliable circulation system is in place, requests are processed and materials are delivered to students' local library within a few days. For more information and access to the Prospector catalog, visit the Prospector main page. (This link will take you to another site.)

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