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Goal Two: to shift the focus from personal reactions to a more critical reading of Hayward's text. To get students thinking about the rhetorical situation that informs the text and our reading of it. (Note: keep running notes of this discussion on the board) (20 minutes)

1.) So how would you characterize this text (article, story, personal essay...)?
2.) Where and when was it published?
3.) What do we know about the Heritage Foundation? Will somebody please read from the website's mission statement that I asked you to comment on for today?
4.) Based on this statement, what assumptions can we make about Hayward's audience? That is, members of the Heritage Foundation?
5.) With this in mind, how do you suppose his readers view the issue of urban sprawl?
6.) Now look back at the article. What clues can you find to support that Hayward was writing with this audience in mind?
7.) What do you think Hayward's purpose was for writing? In what way was he trying to influence this particular audience?
8.) What rhetorical strategies does he use to meet this purpose (evidence, tone, language, references...)?
9.) How effective do you think his text was in meeting this purpose?