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Bare Bones Plot Game

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This is very similar to the Collaborative Narrative Exercise, except you give students the bare bones plot to a famous story and have someone from each group follow and record your story. For example, you could summarize part of Crime and Punishment by saying "There's a young man, and he's smart--but he's poor so he's pretty bitter. He doesn't think some people should have so much money. He decides to go to the apartment of these two old women who are rich pawn brokers and steal from them when they are not home. But they come home and surprise him and, in a panic, he kills them. He escapes but knows that the police, especially one officer who suspects him, are bent on catching the killers." Then say "What happens next?" In groups or individually they need to finish the story. Any story works as the bare bones plot, and you'll be surprised with what some people come up with.