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Analysis Paper 1 (Modified from Thomas

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This is the first of a series of assignments based on text analysis. We are analyzing a variety of texts in this course in order to practice a range of analytic skills, develop understanding of the contexts in which texts are produced and received, and prepare to write papers for the portfolio which address a variety of purposes and audiences. The goals of the first paper include the following:

Purpose of the paper: To explore themes, methods, and conventions used in a sampling of texts written in the sciences

Audience: Instructor and classmates as an academic audience. You can assume we have read the texts but will expect specific examples from them to support your assertions. You will also be demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the texts and ideas to your instructor.


• Focus on the selected texts from the course readings. Make a statement about how these texts represent writing in the sciences.

• Develop your claim(s) with specific examples from the three example texts including quotes, paraphrases and summaries, as appropriate. Include examples of audience, purpose, evidence, subject, method of inquiry, style, tone, etc. Feel free, as well, to refer to the other articles you've read for this class. Document your references with author "tags" rather than formal documentation.

• Organize your paper in a readable, logical manner. Avoid merely providing summaries of each text.

• Write in a style which is clear and readable with few if any grammatical, mechanical or usage errors.