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Online Peer Review of Drafts

Collect a copy of the peer review workshop sheet for that paper. Workshop sheets will be available --on paper from 8-10 a.m. in 227 on the day of the assigned workshop,
--as a textfile to download or print out from the y (or DAILY) drive in 227, 228, or 300 Eddy,
--as a textfile to download and save or print from the class page on the web.
Remember that you can save the workshop sheet as a word processing file to type your comments into as you review partners' papers.

Check e-mail for a message from Jamie or Kate about your peer reviewers for each workshop. (If you want to ask for any additional reviews from class members, refer to our e-mail address list.)

Send two copies of your paper as e-mail attachments to each peer reviewer. One copy should be a plain text file (DOS or ASCII or .txt) in case your reviewer will be using some word processor other than WordPerfect 5.2+. One copy can be in WordPerfect 5.2+ format in case your reviewer will be working in 227. In the message of your e-mail, you might also note particular problems you're having with the paper or other questions you'd like your reviewer to answer. Be sure to note the audience for each paper.

Collect the "papers" sent to you by peer reviewers. Save the WordPerfect 5.2+ attachment if you'll be using that word processor; save the .txt attachment if you'll be using any other word processing program. Read the paper through completely and then comment on any questions or problems your partner wants you to address. Then use the workshop sheet to guide the rest of your review. As you review, you may choose to --embed comments in the text using the comment feature in 227, 288, or 300;
--embed comments in the text by typing your comments in the appropriate place using the CAPS LOCK key to distinguish your comments;
--cluster all your comments at the end of the draft;
--use the workshop sheet as a separate word processing file to record comments electronically.
If you review papers in 227 and embed comments, be sure to use com2txt before you resave the file as a plain text to attach and send back to the writer.

If you embedded or added any comments in the paper file, resave that file--as plain text and as WordPerfect 5.2+ if you used that word processor. Save in a separate file any comments you made on the workshop form--again as plain text and as WordPerfect 5.2+ if you used that word processor. Write a mail message to the writer explaining how you've commented, attach the files, and mail the review back to the writer.

Collect your paper and reviewer comments from e-mail. Read through all the comments. If you have questions or want more elaboration, send a message back to your reviewer explaining what more detail you'd like.

Important: make sure you add either Jamie or Kate to the cc line of the e-mail message so that we get a copy of your review comments.