Publishing Your Writing

Newspapers & Publications with a Staff of Writers

Newspapers tend to employ most of their own writers, who do the reporting, writing, and featured columns and editorials. True editorials are written by the editor and are statements of the paper's philosophical/ political leanings; columns and opinion pieces may be written by regular employees or freelance writers and are usually chosen to represent a broader range of interests. Reporting is done by a combination of the newspaper's own reporters (and remember, a bigger paper has more reporters) and by employees of the Associated Press, a non-profit collective that supports a staff of 3700 reporters and photographers around the world. Feature articles may be written by the paper's employees or by freelance writers, and local papers may be a good place to get started publishing. Typically, feature articles are neutral in tone but can use literary techniques such as scene and dialogue.

Here are some online newspapers to investigate:

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