Publishing Your Writing


Self-publication is any type of publication in which you (the writer) foot the overhead costs, and which thus allows you to make the final decision about what gets published and what quality that work will be. With the advent of the world-wide web, more people have access to self-publication than ever before. Anyone can put up a website and publish their theory of the universe, their favorite sweet potato recipes, or their eight-hundred-page novel in verse; however, just because they've posted it doesn't mean anyone will read it. There are thousands of web novels out there; very few have managed to make it big. Likewise, there are hundreds of so-called vanity presses which will accept any manuscript for a specified fee, and for this fee will print the manuscript and distribute it. But be warned: other editors and publishers will not consider self-publication to be an actual credential (unless your book has managed to sell well). Despite notable vanity-press veterans-Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass was originally a vanity press book-there is a definite stigma attached to this type of publication. Engage in at your own risk. For more information on self-publication, check out

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