Designing Documents: Using Tables

Setting Up Your Table

Your research questions, objectives, or problem statements can help you design your Table. The question that you set out to answer directs the data you collect, the analysis you should conduct, and the format you use for your Table.

Assume your project was exploring the computer expertise of three groups of students and wanted to know a significant difference exists in the computer experience and expertise of the groups?

Assume you surveyed students and knew the average number of months of computer experience by type of computer. You could then compare, in a Table, using rows for the type of computers, and columns for group of students.

Average Number of Months of Computer Experience

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Windows 20 30 40
Macintosh 15 15 20
Other 5 18 10

While the above represents a general data and where the data should be placed, it does not represent the final format of the Table.

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