Designing Documents: Using Figures

Line Art

Line Art consists of simple illustrations, usually in black and white, that outline key elements of the visual being shown. Chances are you are not skilled at drawing Line Art, so you will need to use a professional illustrator or use some of the software designed for preparing Line Art. To learn more, explore the following:

Uses of Line Art

Use line drawings to illustrate key components or parts. You'll find Line Art used to show the key parts of such things as:

Working with Illustrators

When you turn to illustrators to help you prepare Line Art, consider the following guidelines. Provide plenty of lead time for the artist to complete the job. Below are some more suggestions when working with illustrators to make the process easier and less time consuming:

Using Software

If you have access to a computer with drawing software, you can produce simple Line Art. You'll find two kinds of software:

Using software you can create Line Art, save it as a graphics file, and import it into word processing, desktop publishing, presentation, or online documents, such as a home page on the World Wide Web.

Flow Chart

Use flow charts to show how a process works. Such processes might be how a computer operators, how oxygen flows through your body, how photosyntheses works, or a multitude of other scientific or technical processes.

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