Designing Documents: Using Figures


If you own a 35mm camera, you can easily shoot quality Photographs to illustrate your articles, publications, and presentations without knowing many technical details of photography. As one professional photography suggested, they are Ph.D. cameras--"Push Here Dummy."

You simply point and shoot--the camera focuses on the subject, makes the needed adjustments, and exposes the film. To learn more explore the following links:

Improving Quality

To shoot good Photographs:

When shooting Photographs:

Improving Content

Good Photographs don't just happen--photographers must plan Photographs to show the desired content. Having good content begins by planning what you'll show in your Photographs. To improve content of your Photographs:

Improving Composition

To improve composition, you need to learn to see good Photographs and then use a camera's technical capabilities to create visually pleasing scenes.

To improve Photographs:

For more information on basic photography, check your local library for books or your local camera store.

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