Designing Documents: Using Illustrations

Hiring an Illustrator

If you need Illustrations, you can hire a professional artist who can prepare the Illustrations you need, but be prepared to pay for their services. A simple illustration may cost $25, $50, $100 or more depending on the complexity of the Illustrations and the artist's skills, and the timetable for preparing the Illustrations.

If your school has an art major, you may be able to find an art major who can prepare the Illustrations for you. If you are preparing Illustrations for a university or college publication, you may be able to turn to your school's staff artists and illustrators. Keep in mind too that they charge for their services.

In many organizations, the staff illustrators may be book ahead days, weeks, or even months because of a backlog of work. When you anticipate the need for a commercial illustrator, check with them well in advance of when you'll need the finals of your Illustrations.

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