Online Vs. Print Publishing

History of Online Publishing

Online publishing has been around for about ten years --ever since people started putting their text files on the Internet in an effort to share information. However, it seems when dealing with print, we all know what the word publishing encompasses --everything from books, to magazines, to newsletters and brochures. But in the online world, because everything sent across the Internet is, in a sense, posted to the public domain for others to read, many feel that even email, chat groups, anything that IS online, is published. It can make for a confusing area of conversation and research. For the sake of a more focused and easily understood reference, we'll look at online publishing in the same terms in which we think of print publishing --a work meant for public consumption that entails professional (although not necessarily for profit) care given to design, editing, audience, and distribution. Basically, we're addressing what we like to call online desktop publishing; however, even under this title you're likely to find a variety of definitions.

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