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Screens (also called tints) are created by changing the shade of an ink. In PageMaker, you adjust tint from Show Colors in the Windows pull-down menu. To lighten a color, decrease the tint percentage.

To give you a better idea of why and where you might change the tint, click on the icons below.

Example of Screens from the 1997 FreestoneExample of Screens from the 1997 Freestone

In the first column of example one, the names of different countries were set at 15% of black, while the sun burst at the top of the column was filled at 25% and outlined at 100%. The sidebars were filled with a 15% tint.

If you fill a box with a screen, it will stand out from better the surrounding text. In PageMaker, you must first fill the box with a solid background from the Elements pull-down menu, and then change the tint from the Show Colors menu.

We have one word of caution, however. Tints can appear darker or lighter on your pre-press proof than they do on the final copy. Discuss this possibility with your printer ahead of time. Our kickers and boxes came out lighter than we expected in the 1997 Freestone.

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