Creating and Using Overheads

Effective Use of Color

Colors help you highlight key points and differentiate between concepts. For instance, you might use a specific color to show your audience what steps in a process are dangerous. Or perhaps you need to distinguish different elements. Colors should be used practically, and they also liven up your visuals. To read more, choose any of the items below:

Color Uses

As humans, we appreciate colors. Just think how quickly color televisions replaced black and white screens. We also use colors to identify and differentiate objects. You should use color in your visual aids to:

  1. Help the audience differentiate key elements in your visual aid.
  2. Assist you in emphasizing key elements in your presentation.

Color Numbers

Although colors add to your presentation, don't overwhelm your audience with too many. Keep your visual simple enough; three colors (plus black and white for lines and text) are sufficient.

Color Contrasts

Contrasts make colors appealing. Just look at trees changing in autumn. Imagine the spectacular shades of yellows, reds, oranges and browns. When choosing three colors for your visual aids, you should consider the following:

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