Creating and Using Overheads

Using Storyboards

A storyboard is a working paper; it helps you design your visuals and key points. To create a storyboard, you can use pieces of paper or presentation software. You'll need to draw two boxes: one for your visual and one for the accompanying text. Remember to write down the section of your report or paper on each board, so you can easily locate the information later.

Consider these pointers while creating your storyboard:

  1. Write down key points, ideas, concepts under consecutive storyboard frames.
  2. Make rough sketches of visuals for each frame. Don't worry about polish at this point; you just want the idea of the visual clearly portrayed.
  3. Read your presentation while looking at the storyboard and complete the storyboard checklist.

Storyboard Checklist

  1. Does my visual clearly display one key idea from my presentation?
  2. Is my aid as visually simple as I can make it?
  3. Can my audience understand my visual completely in less than 30 seconds?
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