Reading the World Wide Web

Getting the Most out of the Site

To get the most out of any site you have to know what's there. Chances are that if you don't find what it is you're looking for or something interesting quickly you'll be on your way and looking somewhere else. The following list offers some tips for making the most out of a quick visit.

Effective scanning

There's just too much information on the Web to waste time reading unless you really need to. Learn to scan Web pages to locate the information you need. Look for key information in bulleted lists, menu bars, and other functional areas. Focus in on highlighting techniques that may lead you to key information.


Many large Web sites will contain search functions. You are probably familiar with search engines such as Yahoo! or Excite. A search engine within a site does just what one of the larger search engines does only the search is limited to inside the site.

Search functions can be very helpful if you are looking for a specific piece of information within a large site.

Site Maps

Site maps are rather self explanatory, nevertheless a helpful feature of many Web sites that you may not be aware of. A site map is a graphical representation of the site. It will tell you where particular sections ar pages are found within the site.

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