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Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search and usually have a news search function accessible from the home page on their Web sites. Other Web sites are strictly news oriented. Each leads to a specialized database with a primary search field and a search button to lead you to a display of results.

News searches are conducted in the same way as a simple or an advanced search. In other words they are keyword driven. Here is a short list of News search sites:

Steps of a News Search Using

Step One

The following demonstration illustrates a News search for articles regarding Chinese oil drilling off the Cuban coast. A preliminary list of keyword phrases might include the following:

The researcher uses News to search for one of the phrases on the list above. Feel free to click on News and become the researcher yourself. The screen-shot below illustrates the home page.

Notice the directory menu on the right side of the browser window is preset to the standard Web default. Any keywords you type into the search field will search the entire Web. However, if you select News from the menu the search will confine itself only to news organizations with a Web presence.

Screen shot of

Step Two

This screen-shot illustrates the home page of's dedicated News search engine. As you can see, new subdirectories are made available. The researcher can now narrow the field by further defining its parameters, or the criteria, of the search.

Screen shot of

Step Three

The screen-shot below illustrates the results of a business subcategory keyword search for oil drilling Florida Straits.

As you can see, the results, sorted by relevance, appear in the Browser window. Each of the blue underlined headlines is a clickable link leading to a relevant story on the website or page of an individual news organization (identified in green print). The link will turn purple after you have made a selection helping you to identify which sources you have already examined.

Notice search button options located to the right of the search field itself. The researcher used the Search News button to find these articles.

Screen shot of

Step Four

The final screen-shot illustrates the same search, for oil drilling Florida Straits, using the Search the Web option.

Screen shot of

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