Conducting Electronic Research

Searching the Web

There are billions of pages of information on the World Wide Web, a daunting figure when it comes to searching its contents. But don't let that be an obstacle. Luckily it's searchable with keywords and Boolean methods in the same way as an electronic library catalog or database.

Using a variety of Web site search engines, the guides at the link locations below will explain some of the most useful tools and methods for locating information on the Web.

First, a few words about Surfing: The sections below outline some very deliberate, intentionally designed, search methods, but discoveries are often made by veering off the well-traveled path.

Web sites relevant to your topic usually include related links leading to information and sources that are equally relevant and which you may not discover if you stick to the straight-and-narrow. Be mindful of your research time but spend some of it surfing. Like browsing library shelves, it can be time well spent and surprisingly rewarding.

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