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MLA International Bibliography

Steps of a MLA International Bibliography Search

The MLA International Bibliography is the academic database of the Modern Language Association. Designed especially for institutions of higher learning, it indexes books and articles on language and linguistics, literary theory and criticism, world literature, folklore and the dramatic arts. This is a subscription based database and is not available outside of a university computer network.

Note: Access is a benefit included in your student fees. If you are attempting entry from a computer located off-campus, you will be required to enter a student ID and password before entering the database.

Step One

As you read through this example, feel free to click on the Databases button on the home page of Colorado State University's Morgan Library, select M from the alphabet menu and scroll through the list to become the researcher yourself.

The screen-shot below illustrates the first step in using the MLA International Bibliography. As you can see, this database is being hosted by EBSCO, an electronic platform, or database directory vendor, and it has already selected Advanced Search at the top of the page and MLA International Bibliography from the drop-down menu.

The researcher has chosen to conduct a two-part Boolian Search and has entered steinbeck AND great depression in the Find Fields and selected Subjects from the search field drop-down menus. Notice also that all is selected in the Publication Type field. This expands the search to its maximum potential.

Screen shot of MLA International Bibliography

Step Two

The next screen-shot illustrates the results page returned after submitting the search request. Take a moment and study the page. The search returned 6 results. Notice that the left-hand menu bar offers opportunities to narrow the search by subject and that, from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, there are several ways to sort each result.

Screen shot of MLA International Bibliography

Step Three

The next screen-shot displays the results returned after the researcher has clicked on the FindIt@CSU button for item number three. The FindIt@CSU page provides tools for locating the selected resource both within and beyond the Morgan Library system as well as a citation capture tool.

Screen shot of MLA International Bibliography

Step Four

Documenting your sources is always important, so the final screen-shot displays the citation information tool. As you can see, this tool allows you to select your citation style from a drop-down menu and cut and paste the proper bibliographic information into your references documentation page.

Screen shot of MLA International Bibliography

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