Citation Guide: Council of Science Editors (Citation-Sequence System)

Digital Sources

Note: The following CSE style formats demonstrate citations for various digital sources.

1. Online Journal Article


1. Pitaval A, Tseng Q, Bornens M, Thery M. Cell shape and contractility regulate ciliogenesis in cell cycle – arrested cells. J Cell Biol. 2010 [accessed 2013 Aug 23]; 191(2):303-312. http// doi:10.1083/jcb.201004003.

2. E-Book (Monographs)


2. Gliklich RE, Dreyer NA, editors. Registries for evaluating patient outcomes: a user’s guide. 2nd ed. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2010 [cited 2010 Nov 1].

3. Material From an Online Database


3. Chen M, Schlief M, Willows RD, Cai Z-L, Neilan BA, Scheer H. A red-shifted chlorophyll. Science. 2010 Sep 10 [accessed 2014 Feb 1]:1318-1319. Expanded Academic ASAP. Farmington Hills (MI): Thomson Gale; c2010. doi:10.1126/science.1191127.

4. Online Newspaper Article


4. Kolata G. Stem cell biology and its complications. New York Times. 2010 Aug 24 [accessed 2010 Dec 15].

5. Website


5. US Geological Survey. Washington (DC): US Department of the Interior; [updated 2010 Sep 28; accessed 2010 Dec 16].

6. Document on a Website


6. Lavelle M. National Geographic Daily News. Washington (DC): National Geographic Society. Forcing gas out of rock with water. 2010 Oct 17 [accessed 2010 Dec 16].

7. Email Message

Email messages are considered personal communication. Cite them in the text only; do not cite them in the reference list.

8. Email Discussion List Message


8. Williams JB. Re: Tomato seed question. In: BIONET. [London (GB); Medical Research Council]; 2010 Nov 1, 7:57 am [accessed 2010 Nov 15].

9. Article Posted on a Wiki


9. Epidemic and pandemic spread. In: Influenza [updated 2014 Mar 1; accessed 2014 Mar 25].

10. Entire Blog


10. Orth JF. Invasive species weblog. c2002-2010 [updated 2011 Jan 22; accessed 2010 Jan 25].

11. Entry or Comment on a Blog


11. Reynolds G. Phys Ed: Brains and Brawn. In: Well. 2011 Jan 19 [accessed 2011 Jan 22.].

12. Dissertation Accessed Online


12. Yang, H. Topics in gravitational-wave science: macroscopic quantum mechanics and black hole physics [dissertation]. Pasadena (CA): California Institute of Technology; 2013; 339 p. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. Ann Arbor (MI): ProQuest; c2013.


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