Citation Guide: Council of Science Editors (Citation-Sequence System)

Conference Proceedings, Papers and Abstracts

1. Published Proceedings of a Conference

List the editors of the proceedings as authors or, if there are no editors, begin with the name and year of the conference. Then give the title of the publication; the date of the conference; the place of the conference; and the place of publication, publisher, and date. 


1. Platts H, Barron C, Lundock J, Pearce J, Yoo J, editors. TRAC 2013. Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference; 2013; London. Oxford (GB): Oxbow books; c2014; 160;.

2. A Paper Published in the Proceedings of a Conference

Format the citation as you would a chapter in an edited book.


2. Paten B, Diekhans M, Ear D, St. John J, Ma J, Suh BB, Haussler D. Cactus graphs for genome comparisons. In: Berger B, editor. RECOMB 2010. Research in computational molecular biology, 14th annual international conference proceedings; 2010 Apri 25-28; Lisbon, Portugal. Berlin (DE): Springer-Verlag; c2010; p. 410-425.

3. Abstracts

List the entry Number, the last name and initial(s) of the author, followed by the last names and initial(s) of other authors (if any). List the title of the abstract followed by “abstract” in square brackets. List “In:” followed by the title of the proceedings or conference; the year month and number of days of the conference; and the location of the conference. List the place of publication: the publisher (capitalized); and the year of publication. List the page numbers and include the abstract number [if available].


21. Willoughby E. A neglected treatise on headache [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the International Conference of the Auckland Medical Historical Society; 1994 Aug; Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland: Pyramid Press; 1995. p 419.

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