Citation Guide: Council of Science Editors (Citation-Sequence System)

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

1. A Signed Article in a Newspaper 

Treat newspaper articles as you would magazine articles, identifying their pages by section, page, and column on which they begin (in parentheses).


1. Jalonick MC. Suit says toys in Happy Meals break the law. Boston Globe. 2010 June 23;Sect. B:11 (col. 1).

2. An Unsigned Article in a Newspaper 

Begin the entry with the title of the article. “Anonymous” is not permitted in CSE style.


2.  A mouse to save your wrist and hand. Boston Globe. 2010 Nov 29;Sect. B:8 (col. 3).

3. An Article in a Magazine 

Magazines are not identified by volume. Give only the date (year, month, day for weekly magazines; year and month for monthly magazines). Abbreviate all months to their first three letters.


3. Milius S. In field or backyard, frogs face threats. Sci News. 2010 Sep 11:28-29.

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