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Creating: Create Links

When you're satisfied with the layout and content of your pages, create your links. To create and edit links in Microsoft Word, use these techniques:

Creating and Formatting New Links: Select the text or object (picture, text box, graphic object) that you want to link and then choose the INSERT > HYPERLINK command from the main menu or the Insert Hyperlink icon on the toolbar . The Insert Hyperlink dialog allows you to select a destination (a file or a Web location) from the dialog box or type a URL in the Address field. You can also create informational flags (which appear when a mouse cursor is hovered over a link) by clicking on the Screen Tip button. The Target Frame button allows you to choose whether to open the document in the current window or a new window. Other options, such as linking within the document or creating a link to an email address, are also available.

Insert Link Dialogs

Formatting Existing Links: To format an existing hyperlink, right click (in Windows) or control click (on the Macintosh) on the link and select the Edit Hyperlink command. The Edit Hyperlink dialog, which is similar in appearance to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, will appear, allowing you to format the link.

Edit Link Dialog

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