Citation Guide: Chicago Manual of Style (Notes System)

Electronic Sources

1. Portable Sources (CD-ROM's, Diskettes, Magnetic Tapes, etc.)

Note: Unlike online sources which exist on a computer service or network and are subject to continual revision, portable electronic sources are published and released at fixed points in time. The following example is for a non-periodical portable source. The format for a periodical source is slightly different.

Bibliography Format:
Author or Editor-Last Name first. "Title."-in quotations (italics if book title). Volume, edition, etc. -if appropriate. [Medium]. Place of Publication: Name of Publisher, Year of Publication.

Sheehy, Donald, ed. "Robert Frost: Poems, Life, Legacy." [CD-ROM]. New York: Holt, 1997.

2. Computer Programs and Software

Bibliography Format:
Program/Software Name: Identifying Version, level or release number and date-if available. Abbreviated Program/Software Name.-if applicable. Organization or Individual holding Property Rights, Location.

Electronic Supplements for Real Writing: 1. Interactive Writing Software Ver. 1. Bedford, Boston.

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