Writing for the Web

Designing: Develop a Consistent Look and Feel

How to Write for the Web

Designing: Develop a Consistent Look and Feel

Creating a consistent design for your Web site—that is, developing a consistent "look and feel"—allows your readers to associate a particular design style with your site. This helps them become familiar with consistent placements of navigation tools, types of information, and other material that you want them to find.

Because one Web page is usually as easy to visit as another, avoid different designs on your pages. Different page designs can lead readers to think they've left your site and jumped to another. If you need to differentiate among your pages, use subtle variations in an overall design, such as differences in color, navigation aids, or placement of text on a page. Differences in your page designs should reflect differences in the function of each page.

Keep the following principles in mind as you design your site:

As you begin to design your pages, browse the Web for sites that attempt to accomplish a purpose similar to your own. Evaluate their page designs, making note of features and layouts that you might want to incorporate into your own site. Then, begin sketching designs on paper or in a graphics program. When you're satisfied with your design, get ready to code your pages.


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