Environmental Policy Statements

How the policy should be implemented and evaluated

Sometimes you may let those who are responsible for implementing the policy choose how they wish to implement the policy. If this is not the case make it very clear as to how the policy should be implemented.

In both cases you want to explain how the implementation process should be evaluated, including who is responsible for the evaluation.


1. The policy will be implemented by a three part campaign including, print material for distribution at local grocery stores, a national television public service announcement which will run for the next twelve months, and a Web site which will continue to be updated for the next three years at such time it will become necessary to reassess the project and appropriate new funding.

2. Developmental and design engineers of ABACUS INTERNATIONAL shall design evaluation procedures for all processes that fall under this policy to ensure that these processes comply. Lead workers shall gather information and execute the evaluation procedures to evaluate the policy. Deficiencies, in the policy or in the evaluation procedure, shall be addressed jointly by developmental and design engineers in cooperation with lead workers.

3. Job superintendents shall gather data on each Catamount Industries site at the completion of a job to determine if the goals of this policy have been met. These determinations shall be made part of the annual-job-safe-performance log by the respective job superintendent.

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