Environmental Policy Statements

Those responsible for implementing the policy

Make it explicit as to who is responsible for implementing the policy. Those who are responsible won't know until you tell them and if you want the policy to be implemented, you'd better let them know up front.


1. All developmental and design engineers, all production managers and process supervisors, and all line lead workers of ABACUS INTERNATIONAL shall be familiar with the procedures mandated under this policy and shall assure the implementation of them. All ABACUS INTERNATIONAL workers shall be made aware of this policy by their direct supervisors and shall be individually responsible for following the procedures set forth under this policy that may relate to the job being performed by that worker.

2. Job superintendents and crew leaders of Catamount Industries shall be familiar with this policy and assure implementation of work safe procedures developed under this policy. All workers of Catamount Industries will be responsible, after training by the crew leader or job superintendent, to implement the appropriate job safe procedure related to the task at hand mandated by this policy.

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