Engineering Proposals

Perspectives on Proposals

Dave Alciatore, Mechanical Engineering

Internal Proposals

"You're likely to write internal proposals if you work with a product development group in a big company. For example, you might conduct research on possible new product lines. Then, you would write a proposal to communicate that you want to pursue this product, but that it will involve testing and development. In other words, it's going to cost money. In order to get financial support, you have to write a proposal that presents your plans. This includes the benefits of the product in terms of profit."

Tom Siller, Civil Engineering

Consulting Engineers

"If you are a consulting engineer, you will work in a very competitive environment because you have to sell your services. In order to get work on a project, you have to submit a proposal or give a presentation. To do this successfully, you have to know who your client is and what that client expects."

John Mahan, Electrical Engineering

Proposal Types

"Engineers write many different types of proposals. Sometimes, a proposal has to be powerful and business-oriented. Many companies don't want to look too far into the future, not even past two years. So, you have to be very specific and down to earth. You have to tell them when exactly you will complete the work. In Phase One, you'll do x. In Phase Two, you'll do y. You should also include the benefits gained during each phase."

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