Citation Guide: Chicago Manual of Style (Notes System)

Documenting Sources Using Numbered Notes & A Bibliography

The end documentation in the CMS note system is called a Notes page. It is a list located at the end of a document or book containing all the bibliographic information needed to find out more about cited source material. Each note is called an endnote.

The Notes page is a selective bibliography and does not include a full accounting of sources related to or consulted before you began writing your document, but only those actually cited. In the case of a limited number of citations, footnotes at the bottom of each page may replace the endnotes.

In addition to bibliographic information, each note may contain content that is indirectly relevant to your topic, but which may be tangentially interesting or useful to your reader: your research challenges, conflicting evidence and disagreements among experts, for instance, would fall into this category.

Proper CMS documentation depends on the Notes page. Without it the in-text numbers would make little sense as they would no longer be pointing at any corresponding entries in the end documentation.

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