Press Releases

Functions of a Press Release

The primary function of a press release is to quickly publicize information that may have a significant impact or be of particular interest to a large and unrelated group of people. A wide range of public and private organizations make use of this form of communication on a regular basis.

Government agencies, schools and universities, trade unions and professional associations are but a few of the common issuing sources. The fact is, anyone can issue a press release. Charities, sports clubs, art galleries, even private individuals, will find themselves having a need or reason for doing so. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective tool with which to accomplish the following goals.

Notice that the common component of each of the above goals is a public relations objective. Of course, some of these may have an advertising component but it is best to keep marketing and public relations efforts separate. The media takes a dim view of providing free publicity for its own sake.

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