Press Releases

Press Release Topics

Major corporations in many countries around the world are required by law to publicize their annual (and sometimes semi-annual) financial reports. Often they do it by issuing a press release. The financial position of a corporation is not the only topic a press release can cover, however.

Morton & Ramsey (1994) report that they are used to cover a wide range of other topics as well. Among them are education and human resources, teaching and research, the economy, politics, health and the environment. Social issues of every imaginable sort, even fashion, home decorating and gardening, are legitimate topics for a press release.

Regardless of the importance or seriousness of the topic, a press release should include a fair measure of newsworthiness. Writers must be very selective regarding this if they expect the media to accept and publish them. Providing a news hook, linking a topic to the latest news, or demonstrating how it is relevant to what people are interested in, is one way of enhancing the publishable quality of a press release.

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