Business Email

Business Email Salutations and Complimentary Closes

Including a salutation and complimentary close in a business email is governed by the same rules as those governing business letters and memos.

Formal expressions such as Dear Ms. Ortiz and Sincerely yours are suitable for letter style business emails addressed to individuals with whom you are unfamiliar. When business email functions as a memo, on the other hand, a salutation and complimentary close should be omitted altogether

More often than not, the salutation and complimentary close will be written informally, particularly after the protocols of an initial contact have been observed. For example, the simple, friendly expression in the following example:

Salutation: Hi Louann,
Body: I appreciate your work on… and I look forward to… and so forth and so on…
Complimentary Close: Thanks again,
Signature Line: Peter


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