Statistics: An Introduction

Annotated Bibliography

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A comprehensive site contain an online textbook, links together statistics sites, exercises, and a hotlist for Java applets.

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An online textbook providing discussions specifically regarding variability.

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A workbook providing sample problems typical of the statistical applications in social sciences.

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Outline of a basic statistics course in the college of education at Arizona State University, including a list of statistic resources on the Internet and access to online programs using forms and PERL to analyze data.

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A text focusing on the language of research. Topics vary from "Communicating with Low-Literate Adults" to "Reporting on Journalists."

Hinkle, Dennis E., Wiersma, W. and Jurs, S.G. (1988). Applied statistics for the behavioral sciences. Boston: Houghton.

This is an introductory text book on statistics. Each of 22 chapters includes a summary, sample exercises and highlighted main points. The book also includes an index by subject.

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An introductory text with emphasis on statistical analyses. Chapters contain exercises.

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Though more than 25-years-old, this textbook uses concise chapters to explain many essential statistical concepts. Information is organized in a simple and straightforward manner.

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This textbook presents statistics in three major sections: Description, From Description to Decision Making and Decision Making. The first chapter underlies reasons for using statistics in social research. Subsequent chapters detail the process of conducting and presenting statistics.

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An introductory textbook. A good overview of statistics. Includes clear definitions and exercises.

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Introductory text. Basic overview of statistical concepts. Includes discussions of concrete applications such as opinion polls and Consumer Price Index.

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Explanations of fundamental statistical concepts.

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This site contains a hyperlinked list of very comprehensive course notes from and introductory statistics class. A large variety of statistical concepts are covered.

Runyon, R.P., and Haber, A. (1976). Fundamentals of behavioral statistics, 3rd ed. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

This is a textbook that divides statistics into categories of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. It presents statistical procedures primarily through examples. This book includes sectional reviews, reviews of basic mathematics and also a glossary of symbols common to statistics.

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An introductory text including discussions of correlation, probability, distribution, and variance. Includes statistical tables in the appendices.

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Describes various statistical analyses. Includes statistical tables in the appendix.
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