Citation Guide: Chicago Manual of Style (Author/Date System)

Unpublished Manuscripts and Papers

1. Unpublished Document in a Manuscript Collection

References List Format:
Include the document author (last name first), the document date (when available) followed by a description of the document including the collection name, the depository name and the depository location. 

Peterkin, Julia. 1930. Letter to George Shively dated 18 October. Bobbs-Merrill Papers. Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington.

2. Unpublished Papers Read at Meetings

Note: Papers appearing in the Published Proceedings of Meetings may be formatted in the same manner as a book.

References List Format:
List the author (last name first), the year the paper was read, and the paper title. Include the phrase “Paper read” followed by the meeting name, the location, the day and month of the meeting. 

Montgomery, M. Lorenzo. 1985. Dow Turner's early work on Gullah. Paper read at 9th Annual Symposium on Language and Culture, Columbia, SC, 27 April.

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