Curriculum Vitae

Organizing Your CV Draft

Now that you have a list of categories and items to fill them, carefully consider how you want to organize the CV. More specifically, how will you order the categories on the CV? Your audience should determine whether you follow Education with Professional Experience, or Honors and Awards, or Research Work, as well as what order other categories should follow.

For example, a CV for a teaching position would start by emphasizing your education and certification (if any) and professional experience related to teaching. Then, depending on which areas you have the most experience with, the CV will provide details about publication and conference credits, leadership roles, community service, relevant training and coursework, and awards and honors.

On the other hand, a CV for a research position would start by emphasizing your education and research experience. Then your CV would detail professional positions, membership in professional associations, grants, publications, current projects and a summary of research interests.

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