Smoothing out Connections

After you revise for conciseness, you will also want to be sure that each sentence in your abstract leads smoothly into the next. Sometimes you need to add or change transitional words and phrases. Sometimes you need to repeat key words. And sometimes, you need to combine sentences so that the connections between ideas are logically clear.

In our example, we combine what were sentences 2 and 3 and the last two sentences.

Palmquist, M. (1995). "Students in Networked Classrooms." Computers and Composition, 10(4), 25-57.

This paper examines whether students in a computer classroom are more likely to engage in peer review than students in a traditional classroom. Two classes in each environment were observed, with the participant-observer noting interactions between students. Further, the observer interviewed both students and teachers about peer interaction and review. The study finds that students in computer classrooms are twice as likely to engage in peer review and concludes that, for this one variable, computer classrooms are a more effective environment in which to teach writing.

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