Drafting an Argument

When Opposing Arguments...

When opposing arguments or points of view must be addressed there are a variety of ways to argue against or refute them. They can be place almost anywhere in the text, however, the strength and power of the opposing arguments and how familiar your audience is with them should be your main considerations. Here are a couple of options:

When opposing arguments are less persuasive or, at best, equal to, rebuttals are best saved till last where the opposing argument will appear less credible in light of your own:
  • Introduction
  • Your argument and evidence
  • Rebuttal of opposition claims
  • Conclusion
When opposing arguments are particularly strong and readily accepted, discrediting them point-by-point may be the best strategy for convincing an audience to consider alternative points or support a different position.
  • Introduction
  • Rebut first opposing argument followed by first counter-argument
  • Rebut next opposing arguments, followed by further counter-arguments as you go along
  • Conclusion
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