Planning an Argument

Sample Audience Analysis: Example One

Assignment One: Business Ethics 402

(Your essay should be 7-10 pages.)

In discussing hypothetical dilemmas, how effective are case studies in preparing you for the pressures of an actual dilemma in the workplace? Develop your answer into an argument synthesis that draws on three or more cases in this chapter. If possible, refer to actual ethical dilemmas with which you've struggled in your own work. (Behrens and Rosen, 815)

Look at the Assignment

Notice that there are three key parts to the assignment:

  1. A question about the effectiveness of case studies.
  2. An instruction to synthesize information from three sample cases.
  3. An invitation to include personal, experience-based critical analysis.

Notice also that you have plenty of room-up to ten pages-in which to develop these three elements.

Look at Samples & Models

The assignment doesn't specify format, use of outside sources, or levels of formality and so you might want to ask about those points or look closely at samples to gather more information.

Notice that samples are included in the material that the assignment asks you to review. These can be used as models to help you write about your own experiences. You can frame your experience in much the same way as the case studies using the same kinds of detail in your supporting evidence.

Consider Your Academic Discipline

Ask yourself what you know about your professor's approach to the discipline. Does he or she always expect carefully argued positions and claims? How important is it that cases be accurately summarized before referring to them? Will this professor be looking for an argument synthesis that shows how the cases all support one point or will this professor be more interested in seeing how the cases complicate one another?

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