CSU's gtPathways Writing Integration Initiative: Reasons and Rationale

The integration of writing as a stimulus for critical thinking has taken hold throughout the country in programs ranging from colleges of arts & sciences to colleges of engineering.

The basic idea is that critical thinking engages students with problems that require "questioning assumptions, integrating knowledge, and applying these assumptions and knowledge to solve a problem" (as Gunnin and Bernhardt have explained in their article "Writing, Critical Thinking, and Engineering Curricula").

What is gtPathways?

gtPathways is a set of general education courses that the state guarantees to transfer. Receiving institutions shall apply guaranteed general education courses to a student's general education or major requirements. Approved courses in gtPathways are not based on course equivalencies but meet content and competency criteria.

Competencies for Colorado

For more information regarding gtPathways, students and parents can refer to the Introduction to gtPathways, Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Program for General Education (CDHE Online) .

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