Because Eric and I were both busy with school, we decided that we should wait until just before summer break to get a dog.  I started researching dog breeds, knowing only that we wanted a large dog that was less than a year old.  Eric really wanted a Great Dane, so I read everything I could about the breed.  The size didnít intimidate me, but some of their potential health problems and their relatively short lifespan did.  I found some local breeders and found out when they would have puppies and how much one would cost.  It seemed like we were getting close, but I was hesitant. 

As I researched, I had been looking at rescue and shelter sites, reading about the dogs they had who needed homes.  The more I looked, the sicker I felt about the prospect of buying a dog that had been born to be sold to people who cared more about having a certain breed than about having a dog.  I just couldnít go through with it.  So, we found a local Great Dane rescue that had a litter of older puppies that needed homes.  It seemed like the perfect solution, rescue a dog and get the breed we wanted.  We filled out an application and waited.  And waited and waited.  I kept checking the site and watching the puppies get adopted one by one.  

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