Reader Response Criteria for Multigenre Document
Remember to both DESCRIBE and ADVISE and offer responses to all of the questions below. Avoid rather unhelpful yes/no responses.

Overall Response and Connection to MGP Claim/Structure:
1.  What is your overall response, your gut reaction, to the piece?  Why?
2.   How is the writer’s research evident in this document?  Can you clearly see how research has informed the author’s content and rhetorical choices?  How?
3.  Would you consider this a “major” document, a “minor” document or more of a transition piece?  Why?

1.  What do you see as the focus, the main point, of this piece?
2.  Is the focus significant in light of the conventions and audience expectations of the genre the author has chosen?  Why or why not?

Development for Audience:
1.  How has the author developed his/her information to sway an audience? 
2.  Is further evidence of research necessary to ensure that the audience understands the significance of this document in light of MGP claims as a whole?
3.  Offer concrete suggestions for development.

1.  Describe the author’s organizational strategy.  Is the organizational strategy appropriate for the genre?  Why or why not? 
2.  Where will this document “fit” within the larger structure of the MGP?  How will it help the author forward the central persuasive claim?

1.  Is the tone of the genre appropriate for the audience?  Why or why not?
2.  Offer at least 2 suggestions for stylistically improving he document (visual layout, transitions, coherence, conciseness, etc.)

1.  Does the author have any patterns of sentence-level errors or visual glitches that impede your reading?  If so, comment on them.