Tues., June 15

What are the arts and humanities and why do we study them? Discussion of Edmunson and Shorris articles.

Assignment DUE: Read "On the Uses of a Liberal Education," by Mark Edmundson, and "As a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor," by Earl Shorris. Briefly summarize each, identifying main ideas and what each says about what should be the purpose of studying the humanities.

Wed., June 16

Continue discussion of the nature and purpose of the humanities. Begin discussion of context and methods.

Assignment DUE: Quickly re-read Edmundson and Shorris to answer the following questions: who are the authors and what qualifies them to write theses articles? What purpose is each author trying to achieve? What methods are the authors using? Post answers to the forum.

Thurs., June 17

Discuss Hiestand and the personal essay.

Assignment DUE: Read "Hymn," by Emily Hiestand. Be prepared to discuss Hiestand's purpose for writing and use of personal experience. Write 2-3 pages (typed, double spaced) in which you discuss the following about yourself: previous writing classes/experiences, goals for this course and for your future, academic and other interests, writing strengths and weaknesses, anything else you'd like me to know about you.

Fri., June 18

Discuss Orwell and style.

Assignment DUE: Read "Politics and the English Language," by George Orwell. Be prepared to discuss Orwell's argument about the use of Language and whether you agree or disagree with him.

Mon., June 21

Continue discussion of Orwell and Style.

Tues., June 22

Discuss Willis and critical analysis. Wrap up discussion of nature and methods of humanities.

Assignment DUE: Read "Public Use/Private State," by Susan Willis. Be prepared to discuss her use of critical analysis. Post to forum: What common threads do you see among the readings in terms of subject matter, techniques, and methods of inquiry? What major differences do you see?

Wed., June 23

Publication Analysis of Harper's (in small groups).

Assignment DUE: Write an Authority List (things you know something about) and a Curiosity Lists (things you would like to know more about) with at least 10 items on each list. Then make a list of five (5) potential portfolio topics. Choose the 3 of those 5 in which you are most interested and explain the following about each: your background in that topic, why interests it you, and how it relates to the humanities (subject? method? both?). AND read "In the Garden of Tabloid Delight" by Lewis Lapham.

Thurs., June 24

Discussion of Lapham's article and the "tool" we will use to analyze it.

Assignment DUE: Re-read Lapham and take notes on the following sections of Analyzing a Written Text: purpose/context, author, audience, topic and position. (Analyzing a Written Text is one of the Assignment Sheets.)

Fri., June 25

Continue work on analysis of Lapham in small groups.

Assignment DUE: Notes on the following sections of Analyzing a Written Text: research/sources, proof/evidence, organization, style.

Mon., June 28

Discuss portfolio (topic selection & research) and Context Analysis.

Assignment DUE: Revised, typed (single-spaced) analysis of Lapham.