Six-Week Tentative Syllabus section 002 22 Jan 99

January 20 (W): First Meeting; Distribute Policy Statement.

January 22 (F): Introductions; Log on computers; Post to Class Page.

January 25 (M): Review the Elements of Summary; Read Chapters 1, 2, 3.

January 27 (W): Discuss Chapters 1, 2, 3; Read Essays on 114 and 117; Complete a One Paragraph Summary for Each.

January 29 (F): Respond to Summaries; AIntroducing Argument@; Read Chapters 4,5,6,7.

February 1 (M): ALines of Argument...Appeals@; Read Chapter 16.

February 3 (W): Last day for free drop/add; AThe Electronic Super-Highway@ ; Read Chapter 14.

February 5 (F): Discuss Chapter 14; Read Chapter 15; Intro: >Found= Arguments Assignment.

February 8 (M): >Found= Arguments Round Table; Read Chapter 17.

February 10 (W): AWhat Counts as Evidence@; Read Chapter 18.

February 12 (F): Collect Writer=s Notebooks; AFallacies of Argument Group Assignment@; Read Chapter 8.

February 15 (M): AStructuring Like Toulman Would Have It@; Read Chapters 19 & 20.

February 17 (W): ASources: That Old Sore Spot@; Read Chapter 21 & 9; Bibliography Assignment.

February 19 (F): Introduction to >Definition= Assignment; ASources Again.@

February 22 (M): Essay Workday.

February 24 (W): Essay Workday.

February 26 (F): Essay Workday.

-Italics indicate that the reading is assigned for the following meeting=s discussion.

-Additional assignments: typed, one page response to one exercise from each chapter read--to be included in the Writer=s Notebook--and evaluated for both content and form; daily free-writes and class page postings; active participation; and participating in a group that will lead a class discussion.