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Sending DAILY Writing Electronically

Choose one of these techniques for submitting your DAILY writing through e mail:

  1. If your response will be relatively short, you could just write it in a Happy Mail message. If you use some other mail program from off-campus, be sure that you can edit messages before you choose this option. Some mailers require you to backspace over (and thus erase) text if you want to make any changes.
  2. If your response is longer or if youíre not sure youíll be able to finish it in a short time, use WordPerfect (or any other word processor) to compose and edit your response. The easiest way to get the response into the mail message is to save your message, highlight it and then click on the Copy button, close your word processor, open your mailer and begin a new message, click in the message space, click Edit in the pull-down menu line, click Paste. Your response should appear in the mailer message area. Be sure to fill in the TO and SUBJECT lines and send your message.
  3. If your response is long, consider sending it as an attachment to a mail message. Compose and edit your response in a word processing file, save it as a plain text (or DOS) file, and close it in your word processor. Then get into your mailer and follow the instructions for attaching files.

Donít forget that your DAILY writing is due in my electronic mailbox by 5 p.m. on the day itís assigned.