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Worksheet for portfolio 3

Writer's Name ___________________________

Editor's Name and Phone # ___________________________________

  1. Which assignment option (see the portfolio task definition sheet for options) is the writer using to guide this paper?
  2. Is the writer's claim adequately focused--narrow within manageable/defensible limits? Why or why not?
  3. Do you feel the writer needs to add any qualifiers or exceptions to avoid over-generalizing the claim? If yes, explain.
  4. Are the writer's reasons sound in logic, and do they follow logically from the claim? Why or why not?
  5. How well does the writer analyze the organization, quality of evidence, balance of various appeals, focus of thesis, development of supporting arguments, and quality of logical appeals in the original essay? Suggest specific places to concentrate on for revising.
  6. Where has the writer used effective evidence or detail? Where might the writer include more evidence? (Also, take a moment to jot questions on the paper that would help the writer see where and what detail to add.)
  7. Can you think of any additional refutations the writer could add?
  8. Is the paper interesting to read? Why? (If you see gaps in the information provided, be sure to point out those gaps to the writer.)
  9. If the writer cites any outside sources, answer these questions: Has the writer cited appropriate and unbiased sources of information? Are quotations integrated into the text? Are the citations clear? Do you see any places where the writer needs to cite a source but now doesn't? Point those out to the writer.