P>Purpose: For your analytical response, your purpose will be to analyze one of the essays we've read thus far for class in regards to how effectively it makes its argument. Analyze either the Robb, Kapuscinski, Raspberry or Davis essay for the value of its argument--where does the argument hold up, where does it break down, and how (logically, structurally, based on evidence)? Why is the argument effective or ineffective?

Audience: Your audience for this essay is comprised of your classmates and instructor. The assumptions you can make about this audience are: 1) They have been working with the subject matter of race, as you have, and thus are familiar with it; 2) They are familiar with all the essays; and 3) They'll understand the basic concepts and terminology (from Toulmin analysis, for instance) that we have discussed in class.

Focus: The focus of your essay should be your ultimate assessment of the value of the argument, i.e. "Raspberry's logic is sound, but his evidence seems irrelevant in several areas." Having made such a statement the focus of your essay, your task is then to substantiate that statement. What is sound about Raspberry's logic? Exactly what evidence is irrelevant and why? How does the evidences' irrelevancy hurt his argument?

Structure: Your essay needs to include at least the following elements: