Back CO250.1 Syllabus -- Spring 1998


Class Topic

Assignment Due

Tues 1/20

First Day: Introductions, go over policy statement and syllabus. Rhetoric & Effective argumentation.


Thurs 1/22

Purposes of Argumentation. Introduce Critical Reading.

Reading: Aims 1 & 2

Writing: Follow Through at the end of Chapter 1

Tues 1/27

Critical Reading & Annotation. Summarizing accurately.

Reading: Chapter 3 in Aims and p. 630 on summarizing. Robb article (handout)

Writing: Summarize Robb article and then complete Rhetorical Context sheet for it..

Thurs 1/29

Ways of Responding to an argument. Logical Fallacies

Reading: Steele, Aims pp. 512-23 and annotate.

Writing: Summary of Steele article and practice response to it.

Tues 2/3

Toulmin Method.

Reading: Raspberry, Aims pp. 509-511, and annotate. Also, Chapter 4 in Aims.

Writing: Summary of Raspberry.

Thurs 2/5

Toulmin Method cont. Sample essay workshop.

Reading: Killian, Aims pp. 487-499 Writing: annotate and summarize Killian and do Toulmin method of his article.

Tues 2/10

Workshop of Analytical Response. Revision techniques.

Rough Draft Analytical Response

Thurs 2/12

Intro to Arguing to Inquire, Choosing Group Topics and Narrowing your Focus.

Reading: Chap. 5, Aims

Writing: Revised draft of Analytical Response due for my comments. Also, what are 2 possible topics you might want to focus on for your Inquiry Essay?

Tues 2/17

Research Techniques; Using the Internet for Searches.

Access Writing Center and read the pages on Research.

Thurs 2/19

Dialoguing and Collecting Grids as methods for Inquiry.

Locate at least 2 articles on your Group Topic and annotate.

Write a summary for each of these articles. Bring copies of articles and summaries to share with your group.

Tues 2/24

In-class group work on perspectives presentation.

More research and meet as a group as needed to have presentations ready

Thurs 2/26

Group presentations

Meet outside class as needed to complete presentation materials.

Tues 3/3

Documentation. Shaping/organizational techniques for Inquiry Essay.

Reading: handouts on documentation & sample Inquiry Essay.

Thurs 3/5

Workshop of draft Inquiry Essay

Printed draft Inquiry Essay



Tues 3/17

Introduction to Unit Two and Convincing Essay. Credible sources.

Portfolio One due.

Thurs 3/19

Types of Reasons & Evidence. Writing a Rhetorical Prospectus.

Reading: Chapter 6 in Aims

Tues 3/24

Opposing Arguments & Refutation

Writing: Mini-Rhetorical Prospectus.

Also, locate an article that specifically opposes your claim (or one much like it) and summarize the article

Thurs 3/26

Structuring the Convincing Essay. Introductions & Conclusions.

Do further research as needed.

Writing: bring in tentative outline of essay

Tues 3/31

Coherency issues. In-class drafting time

Writing: Draft Introduction

Thurs 4/2


Rough draft of Convincing Essay

Tues 4/7

Intro to Persuasion and Appeals.

Revised draft of Convincing Essay for my comments.

Reading: Chapter 7 in Aims

Thurs 4/9

Audience Analysis and reconsidering your appeals for your audience.

Bring in examples of articles with effective stylistic appeals and effective emotional appeals.

Tues 4/14

Structuring the Persuading Essay

Audience Analysis

Thurs 4/16

Workshop of Persuading Essay

Rough draft of Persuading Essays (bring 2 copies and I will comment on one)

Tues 4/21

Introduction to Mediating/Negotiating Organizing Topic Groups. Group work on narrowing focus.

Chapter 8 in Aims.

Thurs 4/23

Understanding Opposing Positions: creating briefs of parties in the dispute

Portfolio Two due

As a group locate two articles that illustrate the opposing views on your group issue.

Tues 4/28

Audience analysis: Defining a problem in terms of real interests. Finding real solutions/compromises

List common interests you think the two parties have, also points where you think one party could have empathy for the other's position/reasons/values etc.

Thurs 4/30

In-class group work time.

Write a paragraph proposing a compromise and why you think the two groups will accept that compromise.

Tues 5/5

In-class group work time

Work outside of class on drafting paper.

Thurs 5/7

Last class: discuss final exam.

Portfolio Three due.