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Class Plan -- Unit Three, Day 42
Goals Assignments
Final Arguing Essay with all process materials and postscript questions (See Appendix for postscript questions). [Perhaps give students a checklist with the actual items that you will be looking for in their folders.] Think about three possible audiences (other than the one you are working with) for your argument. [Tell them you will be asking them to write these down formally in the next class.]


Announcements - Announce the Editing workshop that will take place next class. Tell them that they need to have their updated grammar logs with them next time, as well as their PHG.

Workshop and Revision - Make sure students discuss the workshop comments in pairs, then either

  1. give them the rest of the period to begin revising and/or to ask you any questions they have; or
  2. give them a second workshop to do, made up of questions dealing with areas you think they need to spend some extra time working on. Make yourself available for questions during this class period. THIS MIGHT ALSO BE A GOOD DAY TO HAVE STUDENTS TAKE TIME TO FILL OUT THE CO150 COURSE EVALUATIONS.