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Class Plan -- Unit Three, Day 37
Goals Assignment for Day 38

Before you leave for Thanksgiving Break: get back into the forum and respond to at least three classmates' postings, offering whatever suggestions you can come up with of resources for research or suggestions for their argument. (I will be responding to your postings as well.)

Over Break, do the following:

Reading - PHG, 456-8 ("Revising Fallacies in Logic"); Research and Writing Fill out the Reasons/Opposition/Rebuttal handout as a way of anticipating and refuting opposing arguments; Examine your argument as it stands right now in your Argumentative Brief, and decide where the "gaps" are. Where do you need more evidence? Where do your reasons need to be refined? Where do you need to take into account opposing arguments? (Do any additional research that is necessary over break, in preparation for the week of drafting we will have after break.)

After Break: be sure to check the forum to see if you have been given any useful advice for your research and drafting process. Take notes on anything that seems like it could be helpful. BRIEF DUE. RETURN PROPOSALS ON THIS DAY IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.


Go over Arguing Essay Assignment - You might come in with a copy of the assignment sheet on which you have highlighted all of the essential details you think students need to know about the assignment. Nothing in the assignment sheet is likely to be much of a surprise to them, but be sure to field questions nonetheless. Be sure to discuss what the two weeks after Break will look like (one week of drafting and in-class activities leading up to the final draft; one week of workshopping and discussion of the final exam assignment). Spend no more than 10 minutes on this, so that you can give students as much time as possible for the following activity.

Daily - See the Appendix for a sample daily prompt that will get students to generate the text they will need for the following workshop. Emphasize that they should put a lot of space between each reason (and after the claim), so that their peers have room to write their responses. (Not at all an issue in the computer classroom, of course.) Give them about 10 minutes to lay their argument out in this format.

Devil's Advocate Workshop - Put the following instructions up on the OH:

Before you have them start on this workshop, be sure to explain the reason for it (giving each other feedback about what an intended audience might come up with in terms of opposing arguments). Remind them that the activity is useless if they don't attempt to role-play the actual audience. (This was the point of last class's activity.) Then review the criteria for a good arguing claim (which they read in PHG): A claim should be debatable (more than one possible argument), clear, and sufficiently narrow.

Let them respond to one another's arguments for the remainder of class, with the exception of the few minutes you reserve to explain the assignment for next class. [Or you might actually give the assignment before you get them started on this workshop, so that they can work right up until the end of class.]